The Journey

Hello! Welcome to love.raw.self where we feed ourselves like we love ourselves with wholefoods and love.

My name is Lisa and I am the owner and creator of love.raw.self and this is my story.

My sweet tooth, along with other means, got me into a bit of trouble with my health when I was training at an elite level in 2008 and consequently I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Instead of looking into the diet of a 18 year old athlete, the medical practitioners put me onto anti-depressants and sent me on my way. After 6 years I knew I needed to find a way out and a natural alternative. My wholefood discovery had began. After months of researching and eliminating various processed foods, diary and gluten from my diet and supplementing with wholefood nutrition I was able to walk away from the medications and heal myself. 


Along this journey was when I discovered raw desserts in 2014 when I attended a raw dessert demonstration by a now close friend and wow did it open my eyes. I've always loved baking and making sweet naughty treats and have been doing so since I was 7 years old. I started playing around with raw dessert ideas in my kitchen and trying to recreated my past favourites and trialed them on my friends and family. In early 2016 I attended an amazing raw pastry arts course in Melbourne and love.raw.self was born. 

I now make my creations for people with coeliac disease, health conscious individuals, kids birthdays, vegans, weddings, cafes and just about anyone who just loves to eat cake! I absolutely love making my cakes and treats and can't wait to make one for you.

Much love, Lisa




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